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Creighton Introductory Session

Introductory Session

This 90-minute presentation gives an overview of the anatomy, physiology, and basic biological markers that form the foundation of the Creighton Model System. Scientific studies are cited regarding the effectiveness of the system to both achieve and avoid a pregnancy. Following that is an introduction to charting and what use of the system on a day-to-day basis looks like. After the introductory session, couples are given the opportunity to sign up for one-on-one follow-up sessions in order to truly learn the system and have it tailored to their specific chart and intentions.

Creighton Materials

Follow-Up Sessions

Follow-up sessions are the foundation of the Creighton Model System in which a woman or couple meets one-on-one with a Creighton practitioner to fully learn the method as well as receive individualized instruction and support. Follow-ups include a review of how to make observations as well as an in-depth discussion and correction of the woman’s chart. These meetings are extremely important in order to ensure proper understanding of the method and to increase confidence in the application of instructions.

Conference Meeting

Group Presentations

Practitioners are also available for presentations to Pre-Cana (marriage preparation), RCIA, and other groups that would like information on how to accurately and naturally monitor fertility and reproductive health. A modified version of the presentation is also available for mothers and daughters to aid them in discussions about the onset of menses.


Presentations can be tailor-made to your group’s needs both in terms of content and time.

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