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Is This For Me?

Whether you have regular or irregular cycles, are trying to achieve or avoid a pregnancy, would like to have more insight into a health issue, or simply want to understand your fertility, the Creighton Model System will work for you!

See below for more information on how Creighton can work for your particular needs.

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Engaged Couples

Learning about the Creighton Model System during your engagement is an investment in the lifelong strength of your marriage and family. You will enter your marriage with full knowledge of your fertility and with insight into your reproductive health. Learning the system during this time will provide you with all the necessary tools to make informed decisions about your fertility once you are joined in marriage.

Traveling Couple

Avoiding Pregnancy

The Creighton Model System was found to be 99.5% effective in avoiding a pregnancy with perfect use in couples of normal fertility (use effectiveness was found to be 96.8%). If you and your spouse have discerned that now is a time to avoid a pregnancy, Creighton is a natural and safe way to do so. Through charting, couples are able to identify their days of fertility and infertility and then make conscious decisions together about family planning.

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Achieving Pregnancy

By just charting with Creighton, 90% of couples with normal fertility were able to achieve a pregnancy after just three cycles of actively choosing the days of fertility. For couples ready to have a baby, even nine months can seem a long time to wait. By charting with Creighton, couples are able to identify their time of fertility clearly and therefore increase their chances of achieving a pregnancy as soon as possible.

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The postpartum period can be a confusing time for users of many methods of Natural Family Planning. However, the Creighton Model System has specific, standardized protocol to address the unique difficulties and needs of this time in a woman’s reproductive life. Creighton practitioners are specially trained to identify cycle patterns and instruct women and couples in how to accurately identify days of fertility and infertility so that couples can navigate this time with confidence.

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The Creighton Model System provides support and assistance for couples struggling with the heartbreaking challenge of infertility and miscarriage. Just by charting alone, 20%-40% of couples who previously struggled to achieve a pregnancy were able to do so and up to 80% were able to achieve a pregnancy through charting and the additional support of some level of intervention by a NaProTechnology doctor. Click here for more information about how NaPro can help with infertility or recurrent miscarriage.

College Students

Single Women

Because Creighton empowers women to truly understand their fertility and reproductive health, many women use their charts to assist them in monitoring their health. Through charting, not only can a woman confidently identify when her next menses will begin, but she can identify patterns in her cycles that may indicate an underlying issue. After identifying these patterns, women can receive NaPro interventions that address and treat issues such as PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, hormonal abnormalities, and more.

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