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What Is Creighton?

The Creighton Model FertilityCare System (CrMS) empowers single women and couples to truly understand their menstrual and fertility cycles in order to make knowledgeable decisions about achieving and avoiding pregnancy and to monitor gynecologic and reproductive health. 


Through the use of tracking various biological markers, primarily the cervical mucus observed externally to the body, a woman is able to confidently pinpoint her time of fertility and infertility. Additionally, the Creighton Model System acts as the basis for the women’s health science, NaProTechnology (Natural Procreative Technology). By charting with Creighton, irregularities can be identified, and a specially-trained NaPro doctor can provide interventions that respect the dignity and uniqueness of each woman. These interventions are made with the intent of diagnosing and treating the true cause of any issue while maintaining fertility rather than simply turning off a woman’s fertility as a temporary fix. 


Click for more information about the Creighton Model System and NaProTechnology.


Our Mission

Rays of Light FertilityCare Services exists to uphold the dignity of women and marriage by empowering individual women and couples to understand their fertility by providing one-on-one instruction and consistent support in the Creighton Model System. We are committed to giving our clients the tools to make informed, ethical decisions about their reproductive health and family size.

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